Susana Cámara Leret 
Susana is a designer concerned with an in-depth, transdisciplinary research based practice, whose work addresses social and environmental challenges. Using art and design as tools to investigate and reflect upon contemporary culture, she seeks to create novel opportunities for the creative industry by engaging design in a multidisciplinary creative process. She actively collaborates with professionals from other disciplines in a co-creative nature, to arrive at thought-provoking solutions and design outcomes. Her work spans across various mediums, previously probing subjects within anthropology, biotechnology, healthcare and bio-diversity. Susana holds a MA in Conceptual Design in Context (IM) from the Design Academy Eindhoven, as well as a BA in Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid. Susana is based in Eindhoven, where she works on self-initiated projects as well as industry and multi-stakeholder collaborations. She is currently a Research Associate on the Creative Industry Scientific Programme (CRISP) at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

 Mike Thompson 
Mike Thompson's work explores both old and new technologies in order to generate fresh relationships between function and behaviour, questioning common codes of conduct. His aim is to create a body of work blending his research based design approach with an interest in current issues and technology to reflect and comment upon society both in the present and the future. Mike believes in design with a conscience – "designers should be aware of the world around them and consider the impact of design looking to the future." As such his work touches upon issues such as sustainability, biotechnology and psychology. Mike believes in strong research based practice and design solutions. His approach is to create deep, methodical research in order to find fresh angles for problem solving resulting in new, unforeseen processes, and innovative design outcomes. After graduating from the IM Masters course at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2009, Mike set up his own studio focusing upon design and future thinking. His work has been widely publicised in both the design and popular press including magazines such as Wired, Frame, Domus and ICON and exhibited worldwide including at the Milano Salone del Mobile, St Etienne Biennale Internationale Design 2010, the Science Gallery, Dublin, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, and most recently at Talk To Me at the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Whilst much of Mike's work is self-initiated he also applies his design approach to industry sponsored research and commercial projects. Mike currently works from Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where, he is coach on the Next Nature Programme in the Department of Industrial Design at Technical University Eindhoven.

 Merlijn van Rijswijk 
Merlijn is Managing Director at Netherlands Metabolomics Centre. It goes withotusaying that without Merlijn's enthusiasm and support this project would not have been possible.

 Jan van der Greef, Prof. Dr. 
Jan van der Greef is Professor of Analytical Biosciences at Leiden University within the Leiden/Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR). In addition he is scientific director of TNO’s Systems Biology & Personal Health research within TNO Quality of Life, a program with special emphasis on the synergy between pharma and food research. He is also co-founder of SU BioMedicine a spin-off company of TNO, based on an innovative scientific concept developed for personalised diagnosis and herbal medicine. His current research interest is the development of Systems Biology as a way to scientifically bridge different health care concepts. In a prior responsibility as managing director of TNO Pharma, he has successfully developed this innovative business organization to become a internationally respected organization for drug discovery and drug development. He is also director of the Sino-Dutch center for preventive and personalized medicine, an initiative between CAS, MOST , Netherlands Genomics Initiative and TNO. He has published over 300 papers in international journals, supervised more than 22 PhD thesis projects and has given opening, plenary and keynote lectures (> 250) at major life sciences, analytical and pharmaceutical based conferences. He is co-inventor of several patents in Life Sciences and TCM related-technologies. We feel privileged to have had a scientist of such standing involved in the project.

 Herman van Wietmarschen, M.Sc. 
Herman studied medical biology at the Utrecht University complemented by a year of practical philosophy and graduated in Biophysics. After 9 years working as a research journalist he started as an associated researcher at the Wageningen University in the group Critical Technology Construction, focusing on writing research proposals. In November 2006 he started as a researcher at the Osteo- and Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation, responsible for setting up research in the area of arthritis and complementary medicine. In 2008, he accepted a PhD position at the Leiden University in the Sino-Dutch center for Personalized and Preventive Medicine. Currently he is a member of the scientific advisory board of the Osteo- and Rheumatoid Arthritis Foundation. Herman has been an integral cog in the project, and without his hard work and dedication the project would simply not have come to fruition.

 Yan Schroën 
After studying naturopathy, acupuncture and biochemistry in the Netherlands, Yan went to the People's Republic of China to further study Taoist philosophy and traditional Chinese medicine. Upon his return to the Netherlands Yan became involved as a lecturer at the Academy of Chinese Medicine QingBai, where he has been director of education. As a lecturer he regularly lectures in Europe and publishes in journals. Since 1991 Yan has worked in various practices and clinics in both the Netherlands and China. He is also active in education and science through the company Oxrider.

 Dr. Margriet Hendriks 
Researcher at Leiden University specialising in Biostatistics, chemometrics, data analysis, bioinformatics and metabolomics.

 Dave Young 
Dave Young works with code/sound/space as a means to investigate the methods with which we experience technology. Influenced by ambient music, minimalism, generative systems, and recursion. Henderson (as Dave calls himself) develops custom software that contains elements of randomness in order to allow chance to play a part in the creation of the artwork. Disruption of habit and intention is a common theme amongst the works - the computer acts as a provocative agent that encourages the viewer to re-experience a familiar act or phenomenon. Dave is currently based in the Netherlands, working with galleries such as Nederlands Insituut voor Mediakunst NIMk and Stichting TAG as a producer/technician and also with STEIM, the Patching Zone and the Digital Art Lab at the CKC as a workshop director. Dave, thankfully, was able to assist us in the building of the visualisation (Metabolic Painting) and we are extremely grateful for the time, effort and patience that dave put into the project.

 David Menting 
David is an Industrial Designer from the Netherlands. Via his company, Nut & Bolt, David provides design solutions for interactive products. In the Aqua Vita Project, david was instrumental to the development of both Echo and the Fluid Analyser.